About our Company

Widjaja, Effendy, & Mukianto (WIEM) is a law firm with a global network in providing Legal Audits, Documents, and Advisory services. With a deep understanding of local experience, we provide sophisticated advice on corporate and commercial business across a broad range of industries. We bring an in-depth understanding of Indonesia's business and legal culture in providing services to multinational corporations, joint ventures, and domestic companies' clients to execute even the most challenging deals.

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We recruit the best performers in Indonesia's leading universities and colleges, as well as overseas

Our people are united by a set of shared values. They have worked with many of the largest domestic and international corporations, creating effective, and industry-focused solutions for client's transactions and investments. They work in an environment where they can learn and develop, and everyone is allowed to be the best they can be. This approach gives invaluable depth and breadth, helping us provide clients with a broad range of perspectives, ideas, and capabilities experience.


Our presence in Indonesia has allowed us to foster solid working relationships with Indonesian government agencies, regulators, and key industry players, and bringing the benefit of these relationships to our clients is a value proposition that sets us apart from other law firms.

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Our Purpose

We have built and sustained our reputation as the firm to work with by ensuring that our people, our clients, and our communities achieve their full potential.


Our challenging economic climate, increasing regulatory complexities, and intensifying competition challenge our clients to become more flexible, imaginative, and responsive. How they react defines their performance, success, and reputation.


Our high-performing people mobilize around our clients, using their best expertise and business-oriented insights to deliver informed perspectives and clear solutions that our clients and stakeholders value.


Our client focus, our commitment to excellence, our global mindset, and consistent delivery build the trusted relationships at the core of our business and reputation.